Do you want to avoid gaining / losing weight ?!) The continuation of the Carbohydrates in plain language

Do you want to avoid gaining / losing weight ?!) The continuation of the Carbohydrates in plain language What foods contain complex carbohydrates ...The beginning of this article is more conciseThe list of foods rich in complex carbohydrates includes: All vegetables other than pumpkin, potatoes, and cornBerriesCitrus fruitsApricotsApples and pearsLegumesMillet, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barleyDrinks include unsweetened tea, coffee, fresh vegetable, fruit and berry juices, and water.Small amounts of carbohydrates are found in meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs and the kefir. These nutrients are essential and should be consumed in sufficient quantities.What foods contain simple carbohydratesFast carbohydrates are found in many healthy foods. products:PotatoCornPumpkinPineapple, bananaMelon and watermelonDried fruitsWhite riceNutsBaking from coarse flourIf you want to lose weight, the amount of these products in the diet should be reduced to a minimum.To harmful products that are generally better to give up include:Sweet carbonated drinksPastries made from wheat flourCakes, cookies and wafflesChocolate and candy barsSweet milk products - chocolate glazed curd bars, yogurtAlcoholChips, popcorn, and similar snacksAll these products do not contain useful ingredients. vitamins, trace elements, and give the body nothing but empty calories.What foods to eat for weight lossFor Breakfast, you can eat:Crumbly porridges on waterToasted whole wheat breadWild riceBoiled beansDurum wheat and bran pastaFruitWith a sharp refusal of pastries, chocolate and cream desserts, the body will be demand the usual sweet food. It is better to replace sweets with fruits rich in fiber and vitamins. Gradually, this will reduce cravings for sweets.From lunch, preference should be given to vegetables. Vegetable side dishes will complement protein products well: fish or meat. They can be boiled, steamed, or baked. How many carbohydrates should I consume per dayFor a healthy person with an active lifestyle, the daily norm of carbohydrates is 250-400 grams.You don't need to change these indicators, even if you plan to lose weight so that you don't have any health problems. It is enough to review the diet in favor of complex carbohydrates with fiber and exclude "harmful" ones.Choose carbohydrate-containing foods for the diet carefully: taking into account the characteristics of your body and lifestyle. Plan your carb menu for the first week half a day to have time to use up all the calories received. Then the body will not store excess in the form of fat deposits. | Luna DeAntonio