Women's health. Eight IMPORTANT reasons to exercise.

Women's health. Eight IMPORTANT reasons to exercise. Often I hear from my friends girls that after giving birth they face such problems as diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles, umbilical hernia, excess weight – after which people begin to regret that they did not play sports before, they take advice from me how to deal with it. -It's simple: at least 3 hours a week you allocate to physical activity, cardio training, stretching and avoid these problems. You can start exercising at any time, even before you start school. And if you decide to, you can double the first week. exercise. Because after all, without regular exercise, there is a high probability that no progress will be seen in reducing excess weight, and it is Group 1 diseases (Gorgeidis, muscular dystrophy, etc.) that are the worst offenders. And you can't get rid of them quickly can you? First, start with small changes – a full evening of activity, for example, or a full day of classes. Then, once you've conquered your fear (having given birth) and overcome the pain (since you've given birth), you can double the load. And if you're still afraid – then overcome it. If after completing your workout you're still not sure – then double the load. If you're still not sure – then go for it. If you succeed - then even more success. If - as with me - you still have some doubts - then you should absolutely not postpone the momentous decision time and expense. It will not be an opportune time to do it right. I can't imagine life without sports. And I don't mean just going to the gym for a couple of sessions a week. I'm talking about an annual subscription. I don't think two months of training will replace a person. Their characteristics will already be discernible, and their needs will be addressed. But no matter what, two months is not enough time to get rid of excess weight. And even if you manage to reduce your weight to a size that is tolerable, and you still have a little life, then it will be several years before you can get it back. I can't imagine the difficulty. It's much easier to start than to lose it. If you want to lose it – then you will need to lose it. I can only imagine how difficult it will be. But you can start with a conscience. You can't force converts. They just won't be able to stand it. And I have personally encountered people who were forced to change their life for the worse, so I can safely advise you-do it gracefully. Don't rip people off. And in fact, people really do not need to learn how to do this. They just need to start. I hope I can help someone to their feet. I can. I can. All the same, if you have a similar situation - write to me - and if you are still interested - subscribe to mine - it's not difficult for you - it will just be a matter of time. I'll just be there when you need me.